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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 GP21A CC 718A Evaluation of Paleointensity Records, Geomagnetic Secular Variations, Excursions, and Reversals I (joint with T, V)
Presiding: A Smirnov, Michigan Technological University; M Calvo, Universidad de Burgos
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0800 GP21A-01 CC 718A A Review of Recent Results Obtained Using the Microwave Palaeointensity Method
*M J Hill, N Suttie, F Stark, C J Davies, J Shaw
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 GP21A-02 CC 718A Fluctuation of Absolute Paleointensity During The Cretaceous Normal Superchron: New Observations From Volcanic Rocks in China
*Y Pan, H Qin, H He, R Zhu
INVITED    [Abstract]
0840 GP21A-03 CC 718A Exploring the Magnetic Sands of Time: Using Zircons and Other Sedimentary Detritus to Understand the Early Geodynamo
*J A Tarduno, J Nelson, R D Cottrell, M K Watkeys
INVITED    [Abstract]
0900 GP21A-04 CC 718A Angular Standard Deviation of Virtual Geomagnetic Pole Positions as a Function of Observation Latitude and Sources Necessary to Produce the Observations .
*C G Harrison
0920 GP21A-05 CC 718A Bias Corrections for Regional Estimates of the Time-averaged Geomagnetic Field
*C Constable, C L Johnson
INVITED    [Abstract]
0940 GP21A-06 CC 718A Pliocene to Present Paleosecular Variation at Low Latitudes: Contribution to the Time-Averaged Field Global Database
*A Gogichaishvili
INVITED    [Abstract]

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