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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Tuesday Morning 2

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1030 GP22A CC 718A Magnetism and Other Geophysical Techniques Applied to Archaeology II (joint with CG, NS)
Presiding: R Sternberg, Franklin & Marshall College; S Lengyel, Illinois State Museum
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1030 GP22A-01 CC 718A European Archaeomagnetism: Progress and Problems
*M E Evans, G Hoye
INVITED    [Abstract]
1048 GP22A-02 CC 718A Regional Archeomagnetic Model for Europe for the Last 3000 Years: Application to Dating.
*F Pavón-Carrasco, M L Osete, J M Torta, L R Gaya-Piqué
INVITED    [Abstract]
1106 GP22A-03 CC 718A The Mesoamerica Secular Variation Curve. A continuous research since 1999.
*A M Soler-Arechalde, C I Caballero-Miranda, A Gogichaichvili, L Beramendi-Orosco, G Gonzalez-Hernández, J Urrutia-Fucugauchi
INVITED    [Abstract]
1124 GP22A-04 CC 718A Dating Post-Medieval Archaeology: Which Global Geomagnetic Field Model to use?
*A Lodge, N Suttie, M Korte, M Hill, R Holme
1139 GP22A-05 CC 718A The Donegal Sign Tree: A Local Legend Confirmed with Holographic Radar and 3-D Magnetics
*T Bechtel, M Cassidy, M Inagaki, C Windsor, L Capineri, P Falorni, A Bulleti, S Valentini, G Borgioli, S Ivashov, A Zhuravlev, V Razewig, I Vasiliev, E Bechtel
INVITED    [Abstract]
1157 GP22A-06 CC 718A 3-D Modelling of Magnetic Data from an Archaeological Site in Northwestern Tlaxcala State, Mexico
*R E Chavez, D L Argote, G Cifuentes, A Tejero, E Camara
1212 GP22A-07 CC 718A Archaeometric Prospection Using Electrical Survey Predictive Deconvolution (ESPD)
*P W Glover

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