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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 GP24A CC 718A Planetary Magnetism II (joint with P)
Presiding: J Urrutia Fucugauchi, National University of Mexico; J Arkani-Hamed, University of Toronto; H Ugalde, McMaster University
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1630 GP24A-01 CC 718A Observation and Modeling of Mars Crustal Magnetism
*J E Connerney, J Espley, M Acuna
INVITED    [Abstract]
1648 GP24A-02 CC 718A Generation of Magnetic Fields in Terrestrial Planets
*B A Buffett
INVITED    [Abstract]
1706 GP24A-03 CC 718A Creating Abnormal Dynamo Models to Explain the Abnormal Magnetic Fields of Mars and Mercury
*S Stanley, L Elkins-Tanton, M Zuber, E M Parmentier
INVITED    [Abstract]
1724 GP24A-04 CC 718A Tidal Powering of the Core Dynamo of Mars
*J Arkani-Hamed
1739 GP24A-05 CC 718A Concerning the Initial Temporal Evolution of a Hermean Feedback Dynamo
D Heyner, *K Glassmeier, D Schmitt, J Wicht, H Korth, U Motschmann
1754 GP24A-06 CC 718A Magnetic Properties, Processes and Minerals in Crustal Rocks of the Terrestrial Planets and Their Satellites
*D J Dunlop
INVITED    [Abstract]
1812 GP24A-07 CC 718A Magnetization and Demagnetization Effects of Impact Shock Waves on the Moon and Terrestrial Planets
*L L Hood
INVITED    [Abstract]

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