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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 GP33A CC 718A Rock Magnetism: New Answers to Old Questions (joint with MA, CG)
Presiding: O Ozdemir, University of Toronto; D J Dunlop, University of Toronto; W Williams, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
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1400 GP33A-01 CC 718A The J-Meter Coercivity Spectrometer - Hysteresis Loop, IRM Acquisition Spectrum and Viscosity Spectrum in 6 Minutes
*R J Enkin, D Nourgaliev, P Iassonov
INVITED    [Abstract]
1415 GP33A-02 CC 718A Do Continuous and Stepwise Thermal Demagnetization Give Equivalent Results?
*D J Dunlop
1430 GP33A-03 CC 718A Properties of pTRM in Multidomain Grains and Their Implications for Palaeointensity Measurements
*A J Biggin, D M Michalk
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 GP33A-04 CC 718A N-type Self-Reversal in Oceanic Basalts Studied with XMCD
*C Carvallo, P Sainctavit, Y Guyodo, M Arrio, A Smekhova, A Rogalev, F Wilhelm
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 GP33A-05 CC 718A Low Temperature Cycling of Partially Oxidized Submicron Magnetites
*O Ozdemir
1515 GP33A-06 CC 718A Micromagnetics of Irregularly Shaped Magnetite Nanocrystals
*W Williams, M E Evans
1530 GP33A-07 CC 718A Plenty of Room at the Bottom: The Superparamagnetic Transition in Chains of Magnetite Crystals
*A Newell
INVITED    [Abstract]
1545 GP33A-08 CC 718A Quantification of magnetofossils using first-order reversal curves (FORC)
R Egli, *A P Chen, M Winklhofer, K Kodama, C Horng

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