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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 GP72A CC 718A Paleomagnetism From the Americas II (joint with CG, U, T)
Presiding: A M Soler, UNAM; T Evans, University of Alberta; M Aldana, Simon Bolivar University
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1030 GP72A-01 CC 718A Onshore/Offshore Geophysical Survey in Danco Coast. NW Antarctic Peninsula
*J F Vilas, A A Tassone, H F Lippai, J L Hormaechea
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 GP72A-02 CC 718A Horizontal-axis Rotation of Lenticular Blocks in Strike-slip Fault Zones: Paleomagnetic Evidence from the Colombian Andes and Implications
*W D MacDonald, S R Dickman
INVITED    [Abstract]
1100 GP72A-03 CC 718A Magnetic Mineralogy of Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates from Brazil: Magnetization, Re-magnetization and Environmental Significance
*R I Trindade, M Macouin, M Ader
INVITED    [Abstract]
1115 GP72A-04 CC 718A The Vallenar Discontinuity and the Maipo Orocline: Regional significance of clockwise vertical-axis rotations in the central Chilean Andes.
*C Arriagada, P Roperch, C Mpodozis, R Charrier, G Yanez, M Farias
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 GP72A-05 CC 718A Paleointensity and Rock Magnetic Study of Lavas From the Galapagos Islands: Preliminary Results
*J U Fucugauchi, L Perez-Cruz
INVITED    [Abstract]
1145 GP72A-06 CC 718A Time Average Field and Secular Variations of Pleistocene to Recent Lava Flows From the Ruiz-Tolima Volcanic Complex (Colombia)
*V Mejia, A Sánchez-Duque, N D Opdyke, K Huang, A Rosales
INVITED    [Abstract]
1200 GP72A-07 CC 718A Paleomagnetism in the Americas: Success and Failure of Paleomagnetism in Mexico
*H Bohnel
INVITED    [Abstract]
1215 GP72A-08 CC 718A Combined Paleomagnetic And Petromagnetic Study Of Oligocene Dyke Swarms From Tecalitlan Area: Implications For Relative Motion Of Jalisco And Michoacan Blocks
*B Aguilar Reyes, J Rosas Elguera, A Gogichaishvili, L Alva Valdivia

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