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2009 Joint Assembly

Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1730 GP74B CC 718A Space Climate: The Role of Solar and Geomagnetic Variability (joint with CG, GC, P, SH, SM)
Presiding: B Mendoza, UNAM; A Ruzmaikin, JPL/NASA
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1730 GP74B-01 CC 718A Implications of Recent Solar Output Changes for Space Climate
*J Feynman
INVITED    [Abstract]
1740 GP74B-02 CC 718A The Dynamo Basis of Solar Cycle Fluctuations and Forecasting Schemes
*P Charbonneau
INVITED    [Abstract]
1750 GP74B-03 CC 718A High Latitude Methane Sulphonic Acid Variability Associated With Solar Activity
*B Mendoza, V Velasco, J Osorio
1800 GP74B-04 CC 718A Probability Distribution of Fluxes of Extreme Solar Energetic Particles.
*A Ruzmaikin, J Feynman, I Jun
1810 GP74B-05 CC 718A Ionospheric measurements at magnetically conjugate points in the polar regions during minimum solar cycle
*M Momani, B Yatim, M Mohd Ali
1820 GP74B-06 CC 718A Modelling of Geomagnetically Induced Current at Subauroral Region and Low Latitudes
*E O Falayi, N Beloff

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