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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 1

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0800 H11A CC Hall E General Session on Precipitation I Posters (joint with A)
Presiding: R Cifelli, Colorado State University; G J Ciach, The University of Iowa
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0800 H11A-01 CC Hall E Investigating Rainfall Concurrence Based on Radar Measurements for the Eastern Iowa Flood of 2008
*B Seo, W F Krajewski
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0800 H11A-02 CC Hall E Sensitivity of simulated land surface states to different GPM-proxy precipitation inputs
V Anantharaj, *G Mostovoy, J Turk
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0800 H11A-03 CC Hall E A NeuroEvolution Approach to Reconstructing Missing Daily Precipitation Data
*K A Payne, S A Boyce, D A Farrell
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0800 H11A-04 CC Hall E Trivariate Copula for Extreme Rainfall Events
X Wang, *M Gebremichael, J Yan
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0800 H11A-05 CC Hall E Evaluating Satellite Rainfall Products and Their Impacts in Hydrologic Model Simulations
*D A Zeweldi, M Gebremichael
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0800 H11A-06 CC Hall E Evaluation of a Satellite-based Near Real-time Global Flood Prediction System
*K K Yilmaz, R F Adler, Y Hong, H Pierce
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0800 H11A-07 CC Hall E Dependence of the global statistics of cloud properties on the averaging resolution
*M de la Torre Juarez, E J Fetzer
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