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0800 H11B CC Hall E Isotopic and Chemical Approaches for Understanding the Sources, Transport Mechanisms, and Fates of Solutes in Hydrologic Systems I Posters (joint with B)
Presiding: T Bullen, USGS; B Bergquist, University of Toronto
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0800 H11B-01 CC Hall E Analysis of Sulfur Isotopes Along a Wide Sulfide Concentration Gradient
*T Eckert, B Brunner, E Edwards, U G Wortmann
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0800 H11B-02 CC Hall E Estimation of Nuclear Volume Dependent Fractionation of Mercury Isotopes Using Octanol-Water Partitioning of Inorganic Mercury
*S Ghosh, B A Bergquist, E A Schauble, J D Blum
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0800 H11B-03 CC Hall E Tracing Sources Of Nitrate And Sulfate In The Bow River, Alberta Canada, Using Isotope Techniques
*J Chao, B Mayer, C Ryan
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0800 H11B-04 CC Hall E Contaminant Source Misidentification due to "Chromatographic" Separation in Fractured Bedrock
*S K Hansen, B H Kueper
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0800 H11B-05 CC Hall E Unsafe Practice of Extracting Potable Water From Aquifers in the Southwestern Coastal Region of Bangladesh
S H Chowdhury, *S Chowdhury, A U Ahmed, M Z Iqbal
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