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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 2

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1030 H12A CC 715B Hydrogeophysics: State of the Science II (joint with NS)
Presiding: A Endres, University of Waterloo; E Atekwana, Oklahoma State University
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1030 H12A-01 CC 715B Temporal biogeophysical signatures at hydrocarbon contaminated sites associated with long-term remediation efforts
*E Atekwana, V Che-Alota, E Atekwana, D D Werkema
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 H12A-02 CC 715B Monitoring of a Shallow Gasoline Release using High Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar
*C H McNaughton, A L Endres, J G Freitas
1110 H12A-03 CC 715B Surface time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography (TLERT) monitoring of an SRS injection and associated biogeochemical processes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee USA
*G S Baker, Y Wu, S S Hubbard, W Wu, D P Gaines, J C Pratt, A L Modi, D Watson, P Jardine
1130 H12A-04 CC 715B A High Resolution Column Study of the Geoelectrical Profiles in a Gasoline Impacted Sand
F Vakili, *A L Endres
1150 H12A-05 CC 715B Investigating the Effects of Biofilm Development in Porous Media on Seismic Wave Propagation
C Davis, *E A Atekwana, L Pyrak-Nolte, D D Werkema
1210 H12A-06 CC 715B Hydrogeophysical Characterization of the Vadose Zone of a Glaciofluvial Deposit as a Basis for Unsaturated Water Flow Modeling
D Goutaland, T Winiarski, *J Dubé, M Chouteau, B Giroux

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