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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Morning 2

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1030 H12B CC 716A Advances in Modeling of Hydrologic Systems II: Climate-Hydrology Interactions (joint with A, B, PP)
Presiding: T Scheibe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; T J Nicholson, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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1030 H12B-01 CC 716A Optimal Reservoir Operation Using Quantitative Precipitation Forecast During Typhoon Invasion
*O C Saavedra, T Koike
1045 H12B-02 CC 716A Bayesian MCMC Bandwidth Estimation on Kernel Density Estimation for Flood Frequency Analysis
*T Lee, T B Ouarda, J Lee
1100 H12B-03 CC 716A Evaluation of Climate Change Hydrological Impacts and Associated Uncertainty Over the Mackenzie River Basin Using the CRCM
*B Music, C Daniel, A Frigon
1115 H12B-04 CC 716A Comparison of Downscaled RCM and GCM Data for Hydrologic Impact Assessment
*M Sharma, P Coulibaly, Y Dibike
1130 H12B-05 CC 716A Assessment of the total predictive uncertainty of a real-time hydro-meteorological flood forecasting system using bivariate meta-gaussian density.
*R Hostache, P Matgen, M Montanari, C Fosty, L Pfister
1145 H12B-06 CC 716A Calibration of a Hydrologic Model Considering Input Uncertainty in Assessing Climate Change Impact on Streamflow
T Bolisetti, *A R Datta, R Balachandar
1200 H12B-07 CC 716A CCSM Modeling for studying the impact of wetland drainage on hydro-climatology of the Midwest USA
*S Kumar, V Merwade

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