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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 H13A CC Hall E Hydrogeophysics: State of the Science IV Posters (joint with NS)
Presiding: A J Pugin, Natural Resources Canada; J Dubé, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure
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1400 H13A-01 CC Hall E Investigating Changes in Flow and Transport Properties due to Bio-clogging of Porous Media from Complex Conductivity Measurements
G Abdel Aal, *E A Atekwana, E A Atekwana
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1400 H13A-02 CC Hall E Mapping Subsurface Remediation With Ground Penetrating Radar
*C Power, J Gerhard, A Giannopoulos
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1400 H13A-03 CC Hall E InSAR deformation time series for an agricultural area in the San Luis Valley
*J A Reeves, R Knight, H A Zebker, W A Schreüder, P Shanker, T R Lauknes
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1400 H13A-04 CC Hall E Land use Influence on Vadose Water and Salt Fluxes: A Geoelectrical Perspective From Central Argentina
*D H Jayawickreme, C S Santoni, M D Nosetto, J H Kim, E G Jobbagy, R B Jackson
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1400 H13A-05 CC Hall E Mapping and Modeling Buried Tunnel Valleys
*T R Andersen, F Jørgensen, P P Sandersen, S Christensen
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1400 H13A-06 CC Hall E Application of Borehole Geophysical Methods for Assessing Agro-Chemical Flow Paths in Fractured Bedrock Underlying the Black Brook Watershed, Northwestern New Brunswick
*A DesRoches, K Butler
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1400 H13A-07 CC Hall E The Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory for Embedded Sensing and Hydrologic Simulation
C J Duffy, *W Li, G Bhatt
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