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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 H13B CC Hall E Advances in Modeling of Hydrologic Systems III Posters (joint with A, B, PP)
Presiding: A James, North Carolina State University; I Tromp-van Meerveld, Simon Fraser University
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1400 H13B-01 CC Hall E Simulating Streamflow In Manitoba Using North American Regional Reanalysis As Input Data
*W Choi, S Kim, P F Rasmussen, A R Moore
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1400 H13B-02 CC Hall E Comparison of Regionalization Methods for Flow Regime Simulation at Ungauged Basins in Ontario.
*J Samuel, P Coulibaly, R Metcalfe
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1400 H13B-03 CC Hall E A Methodology for Calibrating a WATFLOOD Model of the Upper South Saskatchewan River
*C F Dunning, R D Soulis, J R Craig
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1400 H13B-04 CC Hall E Spatial patterns and temporal trends in hydrological regimes across the Americas
*W A Monk, D L Peters, D J Baird, R Curry
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1400 H13B-05 CC Hall E Impacts of Operator Order in Hydrological Models
*A P Snowdon, J R Craig
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