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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 H13C CC 716A General Session on Precipitation II (joint with A)
Presiding: E Amitai, NASA GSFC & Chapman University; M Gebremichael, University of Connecticut
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1400 H13C-01 CC 716A Predictibility in Nowcasting of Precipitation
*I Zawadzki, M Sourcel, M Berenguer
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 H13C-02 CC 716A Environmental Influences on Precipitation Intensity in Simulated Convective Storms
*C Kirkpatrick, E W McCaul Jr
1445 H13C-03 CC 716A An Improved Polarimetric Radar Rainfall Algorithm With Hydrometeor Classification Optimized For Rainfall Estimation
*R Cifelli, Y Wang, S Lim, P Kennedy, V Chandrasekar, S A Rutledge
1500 H13C-04 CC 716A Analysis of spatial similarities between Stage III NEXRAD precipitation and LDAS combo precipitation data products
*Z Nan, S Wang, X Liang, T Adams, W Teng, Y Liang
1515 H13C-05 CC 716A Obtaining DDF Curves of Extreme Rainfall Data Using Bivariate Copula and Frequency Analysis
*S Sadri, H Madsen, P S Mikkelsen, D H Burn
1530 H13C-06 CC 716A An Apparent Paradox in Verification of Rainfall Estimates.
*G J Ciach
1545 H13C-07 CC 716A Estimating Snow Volume in the Elbow River Watershed Using Airborne Lidar
*T C Collins, C Hopkinson, A Anderson, I Spooner

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