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Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 H14A CC 715B Isotopic and Chemical Approaches for Understanding the Sources, Transport Mechanisms, and Fates of Solutes in Hydrologic Systems II (joint with B)
Presiding: T Bullen, USGS; B Bergquist, University of Toronto
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1630 H14A-01 CC 715B Tracing the Source of Fluoride and Boron in Groundwaters Associated With the Lake Saint-Martin Impact Structure, Manitoba
*A J Desbarats
1645 H14A-02 CC 715B A Multi-Tracer Approach to Understanding the Groundwater-Hydrothermal-Surface Water System of Kawah Ijen Volcano (East Java, Indonesia)
*S Palmer, V van Hinsberg, J M McKenzie, A Williams-Jones
1700 H14A-03 CC 715B Reconstructing Temporal Changes in Solute Concentrations From Mineral Precipitates in the Hyperacidic Banyu Pahit River and Kawah Ijen Crater Lake, East Java, Indonesia
*V van Hinsberg, S Palmer, A Williams-Jones, J McKenzie
1715 H14A-04 CC 715B 18O/16O Isotope Ratios of Nitrate Produced by Nitrification: New Insights From Soil Incubation Experiments and Implications for Source Partitioning
*D Snider, J Spoelstra, S Schiff
1730 H14A-05 CC 715B Stable Isotopes of N2O in a Large Canadian River Impacted by Agricultural and Urban Land Use
S J Thuss, *M S Rosamond, S Schiff, J J Venkiteswaran, R J Elgood
1745 H14A-06 CC 715B Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopes of Low-Level Nitrate in Groundwater For Environmental Forensics
*Y Wang
1800 H14A-07 CC 715B Use of Zn isotopes as a probe of anthropogenic contamination and biogeochemical processes in the Seine River, France
*J Chen, J Gaillardet, P Louvat, J Birck
1815 H14A-08 CC 715B The oxygen isotope composition of dissolved chromate: a new tool for determining sources of chromium contamination in groundwater
*T Bullen, D Widory

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