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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 H14B CC 716A General Session on Precipitation III: Hydrologic Extreme Events (joint with A)
Presiding: Y Hong, University of Oklahoma; J Gourley, National Severe Storms Laboratory; E Gruntfest, Social Science Woven Into Meteorology
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1630 H14B-01 CC 716A How Social Science is Informing Our Understanding of Flash Flooding: The Need for "Hydro-Socio-Meteo- rologists"
*E Gruntfest
INVITED    [Abstract]
1645 H14B-02 CC 716A A New Algorithm for Blending Multiple Satellite Precipitation Estimates With In-situ Gauge Precipitation Measurements Over Canada
*A Lin, X L Wang
1700 H14B-03 CC 716A Scale by Scale Statistical Evaluation of Satellite Precipitation Products
*S Lovejoy, J Pinel, D Schertzer
1715 H14B-04 CC 716A Statistical Framework for Evaluating Satellite Rainfall Products
*M Gebremichael, J Yan
1730 H14B-05 CC 716A Rainfall Intensities of Extreme Precipitation Events
*E Amitai, X Llort
1745 H14B-06 CC 716A Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Products in a Complex Terrain and Humid Region in Ethiopia
M M Bitew, *M Gebremichael
1800 H14B-07 CC 716A Remotely-Sensed Rainfall for the Wettest Season in Oklahoma on Record
*Z Flamig, J Gourley, Y Hong, L Li
1815 H14B-08 CC 716A Satellite Remote Sensing and Hydrological Modeling for Real-time Flood Inundation Mapping: A Case Study in Nzoia Basin, Lake Victoria, Africa
*S Khan, L Li, R Adler, F Policelli, S Habib, D Irwin, Y Hong, T Korme

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