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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H23A CC Hall E Recent Advances in Groundwater Hydrology Posters (joint with IA)
Presiding: T Scheibe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; J Barker, University of Waterloo
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1400 H23A-01 CC Hall E A Hybrid FE-FV Discontinuous Method to Solve Flow and Transport Equations in Heterogeneous Porous Media
*H M Nick, S K Matthai
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1400 H23A-02 CC Hall E A Comparative Analysis of Series And Finite Element Solutions For Flow In Multi-layer Aquifers With Contiguous Layers
*S Wong, J R Craig
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-03 CC Hall E Semi-analytical solutions for flow in heterogeneous media represented using pilot points
*J R Craig
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-04 CC Hall E The Noordbergum Effect and its Impact on the Estimation of Hydraulic Parameters
*S J Berg, W A Illman
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-05 CC Hall E The Effects of Disconnect Entrapped Air on Hydraulic Conductivity in the Presence of Water Table Fluctuations
*M Marinas, J E Smith, J W Roy
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1400 H23A-06 CC Hall E Evaluating Traditional Hydrogeologic Characterization Approaches in a Highly Heterogeneous Glaciofluvial Aquifer
*M Alexander, S J Berg, W Illman
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1400 H23A-07 CC Hall E Effects of Model Layer Simplification Using Composite Hydraulic Properties
*N Sepulveda
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-08 CC Hall E Hydrogeology of Regional Valley Fill Aquifers with Mountain System Recharge
J Ping, *C Nichol, A Wei
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-09 CC Hall E The Development of Multiple Conceptual Models for the High Risk Saline Water Upconing Area in the Chi River Basin, Thailand
*T Nettasana, J R Craig, B Tolson, J F Sykes
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1400 H23A-10 CC Hall E Toward a Distributed Groundwater Model of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
*A Seck, C Welty, R Maxwell
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-11 CC Hall E Measuring and understanding total dissolved gas pressure in groundwater
*C Ryan, J W Roy, J Randell, L Castellon
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-12 CC Hall E Measuring Total Dissolved Gas Pressure at a Petroleum Plume Site
*J W Roy, J Spoelstra, D Van Stempvoort
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1400 H23A-13 CC Hall E Patterns of Fluid Circulation and Steam Generation in Caldera-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
*M E Barnard, S J Cook
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1400 H23A-14 CC Hall E Aquarius - A Modelling Package for Groundwater Flow and Coupled Heat Transport in the Range 0.1 to 100 MPa and 0.1 to 1000 C
*S J Cook
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-15 CC Hall E Evaluation of Zeolite Permeable Treatment Wall for the Removal of Strontium-90 from Groundwater
*S M Seneca, C Bronner, E Ross, A J Rabideau
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 H23A-16 CC Hall E Incorporating Microtopography Into Measures of Wetland Hydroperiod
*D M Sumner
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