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1400 H23B CC Hall E Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Empirical, Modeling, and Simulation Studies II Posters (joint with A)
Presiding: D F Levia, University of Delaware; N Brunsell, University of Kansas
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1400 H23B-01 CC Hall E Comparing Three Methods of Sampling Throughfall in a Declining Coniferous Forest at a low Rainfall Site
*D E Carlyle-Moses, S M Kinniburgh, W J Giesbrecht, A J McKee, C E Lishman
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1400 H23B-02 CC Hall E Spatio-temporal Variability of Stemflow Volume in a Beech-Yellow Poplar Forest in Relation to Tree Species and Size
*D F Levia, J T Van Stan IIS Mage, P W Hauske
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1400 H23B-03 CC Hall E A Tree-based Approach for Modelling Interception Loss From Evergreen Oak Mediterranean Savannas
*F L Pereira, J H Gash, J S David, T S David, P R Monteiro, F Valente
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1400 H23B-04 CC Hall E Application of Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring
*T W Davis, X Liang, C Kuo, Y Liang
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1400 H23B-05 CC Hall E An Automated Instrument for the Measurement of Bark Microrelief
*J T Van Stan II, M Jarvis, D F Levia
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1400 H23B-06 CC Hall E Model Simulation of Urban Evapotranspiration Rates Given Spatial Changes in Land Cover and Elevation
*Y Yang, T A Endreny
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1400 H23B-07 CC Hall E Validation of simulated surface states against observations over the Southern Great Plains: Implications for accurate modeling of precipitation-soil moisture interactions
*G Mostovoy, V Anantharaj
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1400 H23B-08 CC Hall E Towards Improved Drought Understanding: Temporal Persistence of Soil Moisture Fields in Alberta, Canada
*J Belanger, A A Berg, G Drewitt, L Courtney
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1400 H23B-09 CC Hall E Observational Evidence of the Impact of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow: The High Plains Aquifer, USA.
*M D Kustu, Y Fan, A Robock
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1400 H23B-10 CC Hall E Applicability of the Green-Ampt Model Under Non-ideal Conditions
*G Liu, J R Craig, E D Soulis
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1400 H23B-11 CC Hall E A Spatiotemporal Analysis on the Correlation of Leaf Chlorophyll With Light-use-efficiencies Across a Heterogeneous Corn Field
*R Houborg, M C Anderson, W P Kustas, C Daughtry
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1400 H23B-12 CC Hall E Foliage Temperature Profile Responses to Stomatal Resistance and Foliage Density Profiles
*R D Crago, R J Qualls, W Zhao
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