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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H23C CC Hall E Environmental Vadose Zone Hydrology Posters (joint with IA)
Presiding: C Hatch, University of Nevada, Reno; A Hunt, Wright State University
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1400 H23C-01 CC Hall E Impact of Heterogeneity on Vadose Zone Drainage During Pumping: Numerical Simulations of the Borden Aquifer
*M I Bunn, J Jones, A L Endres
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1400 H23C-02 CC Hall E The Role of the Capillary Fringe and Unsaturated Zone on the Fate of Organic Compounds Following an Oxygenated Gasoline Spill
*J G Freitas, J F Barker
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1400 H23C-03 CC Hall E Investigating Unstable Water Infiltration into Alcohol Contaminated Soils
*H C McLeod, J E Smith, E J Henry, Y Brodsky
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1400 H23C-04 CC Hall E Understanding Dynamic Soil Water Repellency and its Hydrological Implications
*S M Beatty, J E Smith
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1400 H23C-05 CC Hall E Determination of the Thermal Properties of Sands as Affected by Water Content, Drainage/Wetting, and Porosity Conditions for Sands With Different Grain Sizes
*K M Smits, T Sakaki, A Limsuwat, T H Illangasekare
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1400 H23C-06 CC Hall E The role of wettability in dynamic capillary pressure effects: fundamental considerations
*K G Mumford, D M O'Carroll, L M Abriola
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1400 H23C-07 CC Hall E Heat as a Tracer for Estimation of Soil Drainage Following Irrigation Above a Tile Drain System
*M V Callaghan, L R Bentley, E E Cey
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1400 H23C-08 CC Hall E Investigating the Response of Microbial Communities to Cyclodextrin
*N Szponar, G Slater, J Smith
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