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2009 Joint Assembly



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1400 H23E CC 715B Geochemical and Hydrologic Processes in Peatland Ecosystems I (joint with GA, B, GC)
Presiding: A Reeve, University of Maine; J McKenzie, McGill University
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1400 H23E-01 CC 715B Measuring hydraulic properties of peat through inversion of pumping test data
J Rhoades, *A S Reeve
1415 H23E-02 CC 715B Ecohydrology of Minerotrophic Peatland of the La Grande River Watershed, Northern Quebec: Water Cycle, CO2 and CH4 Monitoring
*A N Rousseau, S Payette, A St-Hilaire, M Bernier, M Garneau, K Chokmani, S Jutras
1430 H23E-03 CC 715B Expanding Peatlands in Alaska Caused by Accelerated Glacier Melting Under a Warming Climate
*J Loisel, Z Yu, M C Jones
1445 H23E-04 CC 715B Rewetting an Abandoned Block-cut Peatland Using Spring Melt: How Much Water is Available?
*P N Whittington, J S Price, S J Ketcheson
1500 H23E-05 CC 715B Understanding Peat Bubbles: Biogeochemical-Hydrological Linkages
*M Strack
INVITED    [Abstract]
1520 H23E-06 CC 715B No limits to peat bog growth? Transport and thermodynamic constraints on anaerobic organic matter decomposition
*C Blodau, B Julia, M Siems
1540 H23E-07 CC 715B Solute Transport in Unsaturated Sphagnum Mosses
*J S Price, E A Faux
INVITED    [Abstract]

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