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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H23F CC 701A Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Empirical, Modeling, and Simulation Studies I (joint with A)
Presiding: D E Carlyle-Moses, Thompson Rivers University; J Nippert, Kansas State University
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1400 H23F-01 CC 701A Measurements, Parameters and Model Uncertainties in Rainfall Interception Modelling
*A Muzylo, P Llorens, F Domingo, F Valente, K Beven
1420 H23F-02 CC 701A A Method to Infer Interception Evaporation Using Eddy Covariance Measurements: Application Over an Eastern Amazon Old-growth Rain Forest
*M J Czikowsky, D R Fitzjarrald, R K Sakai, O Moraes, O Acevedo, L E Medeiros
1440 H23F-03 CC 701A Precipitation partitioning for three land cover classes in the wet-dry tropics of Australia.
*R A Weinmann, L Hutley, C Petheram
1500 H23F-04 CC 701A Multi-scale Analysis of Surface-Precipitation Feedbacks in the Central United States
*N A Brunsell
1520 H23F-05 CC 701A The Role of Vegetation Response to Elevated CO2 in Modifying Land-Atmosphere Feedback Across the Central United States Agro-Ecosystem
*D Drewry, P Kumar, M Sivapalan, S Long, X Liang
1540 H23F-06 CC 701A Implementation of MODIS Land Cover Distribution in the NCEP Mesoscale Model
*V Wong, M Ek, G Gayno

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