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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 H24A CC 716A Remote Sensing of Hydrological Processes General Contributions II

Presiding: M Cosh, USDA-ARS-Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory; J Bolten, NASA-GSFC Hydrological Sciences Branch; A Berg, University of Guelph
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1630 H24A-01 CC 716A Assessment of Errors in AMSR-E Derived Soil Moisture
*C Champagne, H McNairn, A Berg, R A de Jeu
1645 H24A-02 CC 716A Space Geodesy to Improve the Hydrology Modelling at the Global/Regional Scales
O de Viron, *M Van Camp, J Crétaux, M Diament
1700 H24A-03 CC 716A Surface Soil Moisture Distributions at the Field Scale in the Southern Great Plains
*M H Cosh, L McKee, T J Jackson
1715 H24A-04 CC 716A A Simple Downscaling Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature
*I Sandholt, C Nielsen, S Stisen
1730 H24A-05 CC 716A Assimilation of Multiscale Radiation Products Into a Downwelling Surface Radiation Model
*B A Forman, S A Margulis
1745 H24A-06 CC 716A How much improvement can precipitation data fusion achieve based on the Multiscale Kalman Filter framework?
*S Wang, X Liang, Z Nan
1800 H24A-07 CC 716A A Rapid, Object-Oriented Approach to Regional-Scale Wetland Mapping in the Congo River Basin
*G W Bunker, B L Lehner

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