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0800 H31A CC Hall E Recent Advances in Remediation of NAPL-Contaminated Sites I Posters (joint with IA)
Presiding: S Ghoshal, McGill University; D O'Carroll, University of Western Ontario
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0800 H31A-01 CC Hall E Field Investigations of Natural Attenuation and Trench Application in a Heterogeneous Shallow Contaminated Aquifer with Free-Phase LNAPLs
J Yang, *G Bae, K Lee
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0800 H31A-02 CC Hall E Effect of Surface Wettability on DNAPL Migration in a Rough-Walled Fracture
H Lee, S Ji, *I Yeo, K Lee
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0800 H31A-03 CC Hall E Characterization of Gas Flow During the Slow Expansion of Discontinuous Gas due to DNAPL Partitioning
*K G Mumford, J E Smith, S E Dickson
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0800 H31A-04 CC Hall E Removal of Trichloroethylene and Heavy Metals by Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles
*H K Boparai, D M O'Carroll
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0800 H31A-05 CC Hall E Mobility and modeling of nano-scale zero valent iron in porous media with residual NAPL
*C M Kocur, D M O'Carroll, N Sakulchaicharoen, B Sleep
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0800 H31A-06 CC Hall E The Wettability of a Multi-Component DNAPL on Quartz and Iron Oxide Sands
*I Molnar, D O'Carroll, J Gerhard
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0800 H31A-07 CC Hall E Numerical Modelling of Smouldering Combustion as a Remediation Technology for NAPL Source Zones
*S L MacPhee, P Pironi, J I Gerhard, G Rein
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0800 H31A-08 CC Hall E Enhanced transport of biodegradable polymer-coated nanoiron particles in sand columns
*B Jung, D O'Carroll, B Sleep
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