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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 H31B CC Hall E Turbidity Currents and Oceanic Overflows: Observations, Modeling, and Parameterization of Gravity Currents I Posters (joint with OS)
Presiding: M Wells, University of Toronto; J Peakall, University of Leeds; B Sutherland, University of Alberta
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0800 H31B-01 CC Hall E Modeling of the Wyville Thomson Ridge Overflow
*N Stashchuk, V Vlasenko, T J Sherwin
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0800 H31B-02 [Moved to H33D] CC Hall E Turbulent Mixing in Stratified Free Shear Layers
*A Mashayek, W Peltier
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0800 H31B-03 CC Hall E Flow of turbidity current viewed from failures of telecommunication cables
*S Hsu, J Sibuet
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0800 H31B-04 CC Hall E Fluid flow in submarine channels with compound bends
*G M Keevil, W D McCaffrey, J Peakall
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