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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 H31C CC Hall E Cryosphere General Contributions Posters (joint with C)
Presiding: K Bice, WHOI; N Molotch, NASA, JPL/Caltech
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0800 H31C-01 CC Hall E Analysis of Glacial Change in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula Region Using Photogrammetry
*W Vargas, J Arkle, K DeVillier, N Neely, A A Velasco
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0800 H31C-02 CC Hall E Generalization of the University of Toronto Glacial Systems Model: A New Numerical Framework with Unstructured Grids
*G R Stuhne, W R Peltier
POSTER    [Abstract]
0800 H31C-03 CC Hall E A micro-hydrometeorological study on the Peyto Glacier.
*D S Munro
POSTER    [Abstract]
0800 H31C-04 CC Hall E Snowpack Variability Across Two Small Watersheds
*S R Fassnacht, A Kashipazha, M Toro-Velasco
POSTER    [Abstract]
0800 H31C-05 CC Hall E Englacial Stress and Velocity Fields: Comparison of Finite-Element Approximations to Exact Solutions
*S Adhikari, S J Marshall
POSTER    [Abstract]
0800 H31C-06 CC Hall E Arctic sea ice Freeboard Heights From ICESat Laser Altimetry
*V Renganathan, A Braun, H Skourup, R Forsberg
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0800 H31C-07 CC Hall E Sublimation of snow in low arctic tundra
*M C English, A Rees, C Derksen
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