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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 H32A CC 715B Advances in Nondestructive and Image Processing Techniques for Hydrology and Environmental Studies I

Presiding: T Elliot, University of Guelph; F Rezanezhad, Wilfrid Laurier University
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1030 H32A-01 CC 715B Standardization of Techniques for X-ray Computed Tomography of Soil
*R J Heck, T R Elliot, A M Tarquis, N T Scaiff
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 H32A-02 CC 715B Quantification of Soil Pore Structure Based on Minkowski-Functions
*H Vogel, U Weller, S Schlüter
INVITED    [Abstract]
1110 H32A-03 CC 715B Time-resolved thermography for prediction of localized anisotropy in earth materials
*A S Soliman, T R Elliot, S P Miller, R J Heck
1125 H32A-04 CC 715B Combining Interannual Airborne Lidar and Diurnal Oblique Thermal Imagery to Investigate Glacial Ice-Cored Moraine Dynamics
*C Hopkinson, J Barlow, M Demuth, J Pomeroy
INVITED    [Abstract]
1145 H32A-05 CC 715B Quantitative geomorphic analysis with LiDAR DEMs: Case-studies from Boreal landscapes
*M C Richardson, B A Branfireun, M Fortin
1200 H32A-06 CC 715B High-Resolution Digital Mapping of Soil Surface Water Content at the Field Scale Using Ground Penetrating Radar
*J Minet, S Lambot, E Slob, H Vereecken, M Vanclooster
INVITED    [Abstract]
1215 H32A-07 CC 715B Calibration of Time Domain Reflectometry Using Undisturbed Peat Samples
*R M Nagare, R A Schincariol, W L Quinton, M Hayashi

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