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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H33A CC Hall E Advances in Nondestructive and Image Processing Techniques for Hydrology and Environmental Studies II Posters

Presiding: T Elliot, University of Guelph; F Rezanezhad, Wilfrid Laurier University
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1400 H33A-01 CC Hall E Characterizing pore networks for use in modified capillary bundle models
*T R Elliot, R J Heck, W D Reynolds
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1400 H33A-02 CC Hall E X-ray computed microtomography analysis of the influence of different agricultural treatments on the topsoil porosity of a Grey Brown Luvisol from Ontario
*I A Taina, R J Heck, N T Scaiff
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1400 H33A-03 CC Hall E A Simulation Study on Segmentation Methods of the Soil Aggregate Microtomographic Images
*W Wang, A Kravchenko, K Ananyeva, A Smucker, C Lim, M Rivers
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1400 H33A-04 CC Hall E Measurement and Analysis of Physical and Hydraulic Properties of Unsaturated Peat Using 3D Micro- CT Scanning
*F Rezanezhad, W Quinton, J Price, D Elrick, T Elliot, K Shook
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1400 H33A-05 CC Hall E The Influence of Vegetation Canopy Structure on Active Layer Thaw Within the Sub-Arctic Discontinuous Permafrost Zone
*L Chasmer, W Quinton, C Hopkinson, R Petrone, P Whittington
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1400 H33A-06 CC Hall E Evaluating the use of hyperspectral remote sensing for large-scale mineralogical determinations in dust-producing regions
*H J Tollerud, M S Fantle
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