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Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H33B CC Hall E Linking Hydrological and Biogeochemical Mechanisms: From Forests to Developed Watersheds II Posters (joint with B)
Presiding: J Barco, UCLA; N Basu, University of Iowa; J Bushey, University of Connecticut; A MacKay, University of Connecticut
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1400 H33B-01 CC Hall E Challenges in Urban Hydrologic Modeling: A Baltimore Case Study
*A Bhaskar, C Welty, R M Maxwell
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1400 H33B-02 CC Hall E Interactions Between Flow Patterns and Infrastructure in an Urban Stream
*G A Lindner, A J Miller
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1400 H33B-03 CC Hall E Evaluating Effects of Land-use Change on Stream Hydrology and Water Quality in the Reedy River Watershed
*V P Santikari, L C Murdoch, M A Schlautman
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1400 H33B-04 CC Hall E Influence of Antecedent Moisture and Rainfall Rate on the Hydrologic Response of and Nitrate Leaching from Intact Soil Monoliths
*M P Lewis, M L Macrae, R A Bourbonniere
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1400 H33B-05 CC Hall E Storm to Seasonal Nitrate Flushing and Relationship to Hydroclimatic Conditions
*J Barco, C Wessel, S Gunawan, T S Hogue
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1400 H33B-06 CC Hall E Nitrogen Dynamics Along a Headwater Stream Draining a Fen, Swamp, and Marsh in a Fractured Dolomite Watershed
*T P Duval, J M Waddington
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1400 H33B-07 CC Hall E Rain-Induced Bursts Of Nitrous Oxide May Account For Differences In Dissolved Nitrogen Export From Forested Catchments
*I F Creed, N J Casson, E Enanga
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1400 H33B-08 CC Hall E Shopping for Hydrologically Relevant Connectivity Metrics in Humid Temperate Forested Systems
*G Ali, A Roy
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