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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 H33C CC 711 Recent Advances in Remediation of NAPL-Contaminated Sites II (joint with IA)
Presiding: S Ghoshal, McGill University; D O'Carroll, University of Western Ontario
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1400 H33C-01 CC 711 Understanding Processes Contribution to Plume Loading at DNAPL Sites Through Intermediate Scale Testing: Next Step in Translating to Field
*T H Illangasekare, K Soga, P Nikolopoulos
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 H33C-02 CC 711 Rebound of a Coal Tar Creosote Plume Following Partial Source Zone Treatment With Permanganate
N Thomson, *M Fraser, C Lamarche, J Barker, S Forsey
1435 H33C-03 CC 711 Modelling of Electrical Resistance Heating in Porous Media
*M M Krol, B E Sleep, R L Johnson
1450 H33C-04 CC 711 High Resolution Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Source Zone Remediation in Heterogeneous Porous Media
*B Kueper, M West
INVITED    [Abstract]
1510 H33C-05 CC 711 Application of Steam Flushing to Removal of a DNAPL Mixture of Volatile and Very Low Volatility Organic Compounds
*B E Sleep, Z Zhang
1525 H33C-06 CC 711 Air Sparging Versus Gas Saturated Water Injection for Remediation of Volatile LNAPL in the Borden Aquifer
*J Barker, L Nelson, C Doughty, N Thomson, J Lambert
INVITED    [Abstract]
1545 H33C-07 CC 711 In Situ Development of Gas Saturation by Supersaturated Water Injection in Porous Media
*M Ioannidis, W Zhao, m Li, R Enouy, A Unger

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