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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 H34A CC 711 Recent Advances in Remediation of NAPL-Contaminated Sites III (joint with IA)
Presiding: S Ghoshal, McGill University; D O'Carroll, University of Western Ontario
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1630 H34A-01 CC 711 Persulfate Oxidation of Gasoline Compounds
*K Sra, N Thomson, J Barker
1645 H34A-02 CC 711 Electrostatic and Steric Contributions to nZVI Stability
*N Sakulchaicharoen, J E Herrera, D M O'Carroll
1700 H34A-03 CC 711 Roles of Particle Properties, Subsurface Geochemical/Geophysical/ Hydrological Conditions, and Delivery Strategies on the Emplacement of Polymeric Modified Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron (NZVI) for In situ Subsurface Remediation
*T Illangasekare, T Phenrat, A Cihan, G V Lowry
1715 H34A-04 CC 711 Effects of Temperature Changes on Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soils from an Arctic Site
*W Chang, S Klemm, L Whyte, S Ghoshal
1730 H34A-05 CC 711 The use of Microarrays to Elucidate Biomarkers for use in Site Assessment and Monitoring of Reductive Dechlorination
*A S Waller, E A Edwards
1745 H34A-06 CC 711 Bacterial Adhesion to Hexadecane (Model NAPL)-Water Interfaces
*S Ghoshal, C R Zoueki, N Tufenkji
1800 H34A-07 CC 711 Consideration of Treatment Performance Assessment Metrics for a TCE Source Area Bioremediation (SABRe project)
Z Cai, *R D Wilson
1815 H34A-08 CC 711 Limitation of Empirical Koc Value in Sorption Predictions for Chlorinated Solvents in Low foc Sediments
*G Wang, S Choung, R M Allen-King

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