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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 H34B CC 716A Turbidity Currents and Oceanic Overflows: Observations, Modeling, and Parameterization of Gravity Currents III (joint with OS)
Presiding: M Wells, University of Toronto; B Sutherland, University of Alberta
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1630 H34B-01 CC 716A A new Entrainment Parameterization for Mixing in Oceanic Overflows and Dense Gravity Currents
*C Cenedese, C Adduce
INVITED    [Abstract]
1655 H34B-02 CC 716A A theory to Explain the Entrainment Ratio of Gravity Currents
*M Wells, C Cenedese, C Caulfield
1712 H34B-03 CC 716A Secondary Flow in Meandering Channels: Rivers Versus Turbidity Currents
J D Abad, O E Sequeiros, B Spinewine, A Cantelli, C Pirmez, M H Garcia, *G Parker
1729 H34B-04 CC 716A Secondary Circulation in Sinuous Submarine Channels: First Results from the Black Sea
*J Peakall, D R Parsons, R N Hiscott, A E Aksu, R D Flood, D Mouland
1746 H34B-05 CC 716A Submarine Currents and Subaerial Intuition: Comparing Flow Characteristics Inferred From Deposit Morphology to Constraints From Inverted Grain-Size Data
*K W Huntington, D Mohrig
1803 H34B-06 CC 716A Sediment Lofting From Melt-Water Generated Turbidity Currents During Heinrich Events as a Tool to Assess Main Sediment Delivery Phases to Small Subpolar Ocean Basins
*R Hesse

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