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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 H34C CC 715A Remote Sensing and Modeling of Snow and Glacial Processes (joint with C)
Presiding: S Fassnacht, Colorado State University; N Molotch, NASA, JPL/Caltech
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1630 H34C-01 CC 715A The integration of in-situ snow cover measurements with multi-scale ground based and airborne passive microwave data in the Canadian tundra
*A Rees, C Derksen, M English, A Walker
1645 H34C-02 CC 715A Evaluating Terrestrial Snow Cover in the Canadian Regional Climate Model
*Q Teng, M D MacKay, E Chan, C Derksen, R Brown
1700 H34C-03 CC 715A Topographic and Hydrometeorological Controls of Remotely-Sensed Snow Cover Distribution in the Quesnel River Basin of British Columbia, Canada
J Tong, *S J Dery, P L Jackson
INVITED    [Abstract]
1715 H34C-04 CC 715A Radiative Forcing of Dust in Mountain Snow from MODIS surface reflectance data
*T H Painter
INVITED    [Abstract]
1730 H34C-05 CC 715A Acoustic Observation of Snowpack Physical Properties
*N J Kinar, J W Pomeroy
INVITED    [Abstract]
1745 H34C-06 CC 715A Cryospheric Dynamics in the Central Chilean Andes: Multi-decadal Reconstruction and Multi-annual Monitoring of Rock Glaciers and a Debris-covered Glacier
*X Bodin, F Rojas, A Brenning
1800 H34C-07 CC 715A Downscaling Temperature and Precipitation from NARR Reanalysis for Glacier Modelling
*F S Anslow, A H Jarosch, G K Clarke
1815 H34C-08 CC 715A Regional Glaciation Modeling With Debris Transport
*G K Clarke, A H Jarosch, F S Anslow, V Radić, B Menounos

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