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0800 H71A CC Hall E Models and Measurement of Sediment Transport Posters (joint with CG)
Presiding: M Van De Wiel, University of Western Ontario; L Gordon, University at Buffalo; D De Boer, University of Saskatchewan; J Tunnicliffe, Carleton University
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0800 H71A-01 CC Hall E The Fate of Organic Carbon Released by Permafrost Decay, Eastern Coast of Hudson Bay.
*M Jolivel, M Allard
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0800 H71A-02 CC Hall E Integrating Geomorphological and Ecological Processes in Numerical Landscape Evolution Models
*M J Van De Wiel
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0800 H71A-03 CC Hall E A New Monitoring Method of Individual Particles During Bed Load Transport in a Gravel Bed River.
M Tremblay, G Marquis, A Roy, *H Lamarre
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0800 H71A-04 CC Hall E Erosion and Surface Structures in the Initial Phase of Ecosystem Development Investigated in an Artificial Catchment
T Raab, *W Gerwin, M Dimitrov
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0800 H71A-05 CC Hall E Quantification and Modelling of Fugitive Dust Emissions From Nickel Slag
*R S Sanderson, C McKenna Neuman
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0800 H71A-06 CC Hall E Stochastic Modeling of Non-equilibrium Bedload Transport
*Z Kuai, C W Tsai
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0800 H71A-07 CC Hall E Sediment Particle Movement in Open Channel Flows Using a Stochastic Jump Diffusion Particle Tracking Model
*J Oh, C W Tsai
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