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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 1

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0800 H71B CC Hall E Recent Advances in Water Quality Research Posters

Presiding: T Bullen, USGS; M Gooseff, Pennsylvania State University
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0800 H71B-01 CC Hall E Geochemical Indicators and Seasonality Controls to Arsenic Mobility in Groundwater in Langley, British Columbia
*R Cavalcanti de A, D Kirste, D Allen
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0800 H71B-02 CC Hall E Integrated characterisation of aquifer heterogeneity and landfill leachate plume migration
*L Tremblay, R Lefebvre, E Gloaguen, D Paradis
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0800 H71B-03 CC Hall E Statistical Analysis of Road Salt Impact on Water Quality in New England Watersheds
*R Hon, Q Xian, C Andronache
POSTER    [Abstract]
0800 H71B-04 CC Hall E Inferring Watershed Characteristics Using Records of Multi-decade Stream Chemistry Response to Road Salt Application
*S B Shaw, R D Marjerison, D R Bouldin, M Walter
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0800 H71B-05 CC Hall E Distributed Denitrification in a Northeastern Agricultural Landscape
*T R Anderson, P M Groffman, S S Kaushal, M T Walter
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0800 H71B-06 CC Hall E Predicting nitrate concentrations of groundwater from land uses in Prince Edward Island, Canada
*Y Jiang, L Chow, Z Xing
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0800 H71B-07 CC Hall E Constraining Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Carbon Exports in a Midwestern Agricultural Watershed
*M L Hennessy, P Vidon
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0800 H71B-08 CC Hall E Hydrobiogeochemical Influences on N2O Dynamics in an Agriculturally Impacted Riparian Wetland
J DeSimone, *M Macrae, R Bourbonniere
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0800 H71B-09 CC Hall E Hydrochemical Characteristics of Wadi Systems in Arid and Semi-arid Regions in Southwest Saudi Arabia
*S Bajabaa
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