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0800 H71C CC Hall E Ecohydrological Processes of Disturbed Wetlands II Posters (joint with CG, B, GC)
Presiding: M L Macrae, University of Waterloo; R M Petrone, Wilfrid Laurier University; B M Branfireun, University of Toronto
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0800 H71C-01 CC Hall E Assessing the Biometeorology of a Newly Established Reclamation Soil Cover in Fort McMurray, Alberta
*S C Goodbrand, S K Carey
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0800 H71C-02 CC Hall E Uptake and Hydraulic Redistribution of Soil Water in a Natural Forested Wetland and in two Contrasting Drained Loblolly Pine Plantations: Quantifying Patterns over Soil-to-Root and Canopy-to-Atmosphere Interactions
*J Domec, J S King, A Noormets, G Sun, S G McNulty, M G Gavazzi, E Treasure, J L Boggs
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0800 H71C-03 CC Hall E Snow Accumulation and Spring Melt Rates of Bogs and Fens in the North Granny Creek Catchment Basin, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario
*C F Cook, J S Price
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0800 H71C-04 CC Hall E Ecohydrological Processes in Cutover Peatlands: The Impact of Peatland Restoration (Rewetting) on the Site Hydrology and Water Balance of an Abandoned Block-cut bog in Quebec
*S J Ketcheson, J S Price
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0800 H71C-05 CC Hall E Evaluating mechanisms and relationships between water and nutrient fluxes in Sphagnum mosses.
*T Lister, J Price
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