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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 1

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0800 H71D CC 701A Detecting and Characterizing Fluxes of Water and Dissolved Constituents Across the Groundwater/Surface Water Interface I (joint with CG)
Presiding: B Conant Jr., University of Waterloo; K T MacQuarrie, University of New Brunswick; M Hayashi, University of Calgary
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0805 H71D-01 CC 701A Multi-scale surface-groundwater interactions: Processes and Implications
*A I Packman, J W Harvey, A Worman, M B Cardenas, R Schumer, D J Jerolmack, J L Tank, S H Stonedahl
INVITED    [Abstract]
0825 H71D-02 CC 701A Separating In-Channel and Hyporheic Transient Storage Processes in River Networks - A Path Toward Improved Quantification of Stream-Groundwater Interactions
*M N Gooseff, M A Briggs, P C Kerr, M R Weaver, W Wollheim, B J Peterson, K Morkeski, C S Hopkinson
INVITED    [Abstract]
0845 H71D-03 CC 701A The application of sampling corers and passive samplers for dissolved organic matter to assess groundwater surface water interactions in the hyporheic zone of low-order streams
*C M Febria, D Williams, A J Simpson
0900 H71D-04 CC 701A Changes in Hydraulic Gradient, Hyporheic Exchange, and Patterns of Nutrient Concentration between Dry and Wet Season Flows for a Tropical Mountain Stream
*M Fabian, T Endreny, L Lautz, D Siegel
0915 H71D-05 CC 701A Inputs of Dissolved Oxygen to the Grand River in the Glen Morris Area: The role of groundwater and riparian zones
*M L Encalada, R Aravena, S L Schiff, R Elgood
0930 H71D-06 CC 701A Water Fluxes Across the Interfaces of Perched Wetland Basins on the Boreal Plain
*C A Mendoza, J Riddell, K Devito

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