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0800 H71E CC 716A Ecohydrological Processes of Disturbed Wetlands I (joint with CG, B, GC)
Presiding: M L Macrae, University of Waterloo; R M Petrone, Wilfrid Laurier University; B M Branfireun, University of Toronto
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0800 H71E-01 CC 716A Wetlands of South Africa: Hydrology and Human Use
*J S Price, P Grundling, A Grundling
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 H71E-02 CC 716A Simplified Volume-Area-Depth Method for Estimating Water Storage of Isolated Prairie Wetlands
*A G Minke, C J Westbrook, G van der Kamp
0840 H71E-03 CC 716A Man-made Influences upon the Water Exchange Driven by Lake Seiches in a Coastal Wetland of the Great Lakes
*B Helvca, M Wells
0900 H71E-04 CC 716A Evaluating the Influence of Hydrologic Variability on Potential CO2 Fluxes From two Perched Basins in the Peace - Athabasca Delta, Alberta
*C Light, B Wolfe, R Petrone
0920 H71E-05 CC 716A The Effects of Upland Tree Removal on the Ecohydrological Controls on Net CO2 Exchange From a Western Boreal Plain Riparian Peatland
*R M Petrone, D Solondz, K J Devito, D Gignac
0940 H71E-06 CC 716A Can we Ecohydrologically Rehabilitate Disturbed Peatlands? From "Wetlands of Mass Decomposition" to "Yes We Can"
*J M Waddington, J Cagampan, M Lucchese, D K Thompson, T P Duval
INVITED    [Abstract]

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