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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 2

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1030 H72A CC 701A Detecting and Characterizing Fluxes of Water and Dissolved Constituents Across the Groundwater/Surface Water Interface II (joint with CG)
Presiding: B Conant Jr., University of Waterloo; K T MacQuarrie, University of New Brunswick
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1035 H72A-01 CC 701A Heat Tracing as a Tool to Bring the Streambed into Focus
*J Constantz
INVITED    [Abstract]
1055 H72A-02 CC 701A Low-Altitude and Land-Based Infrared Thermography to Identify Types of Groundwater Discharge in NWT Streams
*B Conant Jr., N J Mochnacz
1110 H72A-03 CC 701A Quantification of Surface Water and Groundwater Nitrate Fluxes to two Small Estuaries in Atlantic Canada
*S Danielescu, K T MacQuarrie
1125 H72A-04 CC 701A Groundwater Flux estimation from Streambed Temperatures
*J Drake
1140 H72A-05 CC 701A Characterization of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions in a Proglacial Moraine Using Heat and Solute Tracers
*G Langston, M Hayashi, J W Roy
1155 H72A-06 CC 701A Constraining Groundwater Discharge in a Large Watershed: Integrated Isotopic, Hydraulic and Thermal Data from the Canadian Shield
*T Gleeson, K Novakowski, P G Cook, K Kyser
1210 H72A-07 CC 701A Geochemistry of Perennial Groundwater Springs in the Mackenzie Basin
*N Utting, I D Clark, N Mochnacz

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