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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 2

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1030 H72B CC 716A Coupled Carbon, Water, and Nutrient Cycling in Complex Terrain (joint with B)
Presiding: J M Chen, University of Toronto; L E Band, University of North Carolina
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1030 H72B-01 CC 716A NO3 hotspots in pristine watershed of the Boreal Plain: interactions of local landforms and regional hydrogeology.
*K J Devito, R Petrone, T Jiang, X Zhan, A Palmer, T Hancock
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 H72B-02 CC 716A Quantifying the Role of Water Table Dynamics on Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 in a Northern Temperate Shrub Wetland
*S Mackay, A R Desai, B N Sulman, D E Roberts
INVITED    [Abstract]
1110 H72B-03 CC 716A The Catena Concept Revisited: Spatial Optimization of Ecohydrologic Form and Function
*L E Band, T Hwang
1125 H72B-04 CC 716A A Spatially Explicit Modeling Approach to Capture the Hydrological Effects on Biogeochemical Processes in a Boreal Watershed
A Govind, *J Chen
1140 H72B-05 CC 716A Coupling of Water and Carbon Cycles in Boreal Ecosystems at Watershed and National Scales
*J M Chen, W Ju, A Govind, O Sonnentag
1155 H72B-06 CC 716A Modeling Mass Balances Of Dissolved Organic Carbon For Lakes Within Regional Watersheds
*I F Creed, D J Velasquez, E M O'Connor, P J Dillon
INVITED    [Abstract]
1215 H72B-07 CC 716A Eco-hydrologic responses of mountain forested watersheds to climate warming: the role of variability and uncertainty in subsurface drainage characteristics.
*C Tague

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