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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 H73B CC Hall E Controls on Soil Moisture Posters (joint with B)
Presiding: T Bullen, USGS; T Scheibe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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1400 H73B-01 CC Hall E Vegetation and Roughness Controls on Field Scale Soil Moisture Variability
*J R Adams, A A Berg, B Toth, R Magagi
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1400 H73B-02 CC Hall E Effect of spatial soil hydraulic properties on large scale evapotranspiration
*J Zhu, D Sun
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1400 H73B-03 CC Hall E Effective Soil Hydraulic Properties for Transient Evaporation in Heterogeneous Soils
*D Sun, J Zhu
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1400 H73B-04 CC Hall E The Spatial and Temporal Variability of Water Content in an Organic Soil in Dartmoor National Park, UK and its Relation to Microtopography and Organic Soil Horizon Depth.
*J Rogers, H Miles, A Berg
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1400 H73B-05 CC Hall E Modelling IP3 Watersheds: Determining Retained Soil Moisture Using Both Field Capacity and Topography
*E D Soulis, J Craig, G Liu, V Fortin
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