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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 H73C CC 701A Detecting and Characterizing Fluxes of Water and Dissolved Constituents Across the Groundwater/Surface Water Interface III (joint with CG)
Presiding: B Conant Jr., University of Waterloo; I Jankovic, University at Buffalo
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1405 H73C-01 CC 701A USGS Ground-Water Availability Studies in the Great Lakes Basin
*H W Reeves, D T Feinstein, R J Hunt, R A Sheets
INVITED    [Abstract]
1425 H73C-02 CC 701A Baseflow due to Groundwater Discharge in the Ontario Portion of the Great Lakes Basin
*A R Piggott
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 H73C-03 CC 701A Groundwater Management Along Lake Ontario's North Shore
*S Holysh, R Gerber, M Doughty
1500 H73C-04 CC 701A River bank filtration as a dynamic biogeochemical and hydrogeological system: evolution with time of reduced zones in an alluvial aquifer
*A C Bourg, M A Kedziorek
1515 H73C-05 CC 701A Impacts of an Upstream Dam and Ground-Water Pumping on Stream Temperature
J Risley, *J Constantz, H Essaid, S Rounds
1530 H73C-06 CC 701A Application of Integral Pumping Tests to estimate the influence of losing streams on groundwater quality
*S Leschik, A Musolff, F Reinstorf, G Strauch, M Schirmer
1545 H73C-07 CC 701A Screening for Groundwater Contaminants Discharging to Urban Streams
*J W Roy, G Bickerton, J Voralek

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