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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 H73D CC 716A Advances in Measurement of Sediment Transport (joint with CG)
Presiding: M Van De Wiel, University of Western Ontario; J Tunnicliffe, Carleton University; A Zimmerman, University of British Columbia
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1405 H73D-01 CC 716A Effect of the particle to fluid density ratio on bedform development: An application of PTV
*C L McKenna Neuman, M D Gordon
INVITED    [Abstract]
1425 H73D-02 CC 716A Challenges in Measuring and Predicting Medium Term (Weeks to Annual) Aeolian Sediment Transport in Beach-Dune Systems
*I Delgado-Fernandez
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 H73D-03 CC 716A Using 3-D Laser Imaging to Track Topographic Changes on the Slipface of an Avalanching Aeolian Dune
*S L Sutton, C McKenna Neuman
1500 H73D-04 CC 716A Uncertainty in spatial distributions of ADCP apparent bed load velocity
*C D Rennie
INVITED    [Abstract]
1520 H73D-05 CC 716A Monitoring Large-Scale Sediment Transport Dynamics with Multibeam Sonar
*D R Parsons, S M Simmons, J L Best, G M Keevil, K Oberg, J A Czuba
1535 H73D-06 CC 716A Development of the use of in-situ magnets for detection of bed load movement through magnetic induction.
*T Argast

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