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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 H74A CC 715B Controls on Hydrologic Processes Across Scales (joint with CG)
Presiding: A James, North Carolina State University; I Tromp-van Meerveld, Simon Fraser University
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1630 H74A-01 CC 715B Nature and variability of water resources in the Rio Santa upper watershed, Peru
*M Baraer, J M McKenzie, B G Mark, S Knox
1645 H74A-02 CC 715B In Lieu of the Paired-Catchment Approach Hydrologic Model Change Detection at the Catchment Scale
*N P Zegre
INVITED    [Abstract]
1705 H74A-03 CC 715B Mountain pine beetle and hydrology: addressing scale issues with process research in experimental hydrology
*S Boon, U Silins
INVITED    [Abstract]
1725 H74A-04 CC 715B Evapotranspiration From Above and Within a Western Boreal Plain Aspen Forest
*S M Brown, R M Petrone, U Silins, S Landhausser, K J Devito
1740 H74A-05 CC 715B Hydrologic connectivity and runoff response in the METAALICUS experimental catchment
*C J Oswald, B A Branfireun
1755 H74A-06 CC 715B Can Stream Hydrographs be Used to Estimate How Long Water Resides in the Catchment?
*A L James, C Segura, J J McDonnell, K J McGuire
1810 H74A-07 CC 715B Assessing the Performance of two Stormwater Management Ponds in Waterloo, Ontario
*K Mulroy, M Stone

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