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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 H74B CC 716A Models of Catchment-Scale Sediment Transport (joint with CG)
Presiding: M Van De Wiel, University of Western Ontario; L Gordon, University at Buffalo; D De Boer, University of Saskatchewan
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1635 H74B-01 CC 716A Emergence of Characteristic Landscape Scales Through Hillslope-Channel Interactions
*J T Perron, J W Kirchner, W E Dietrich
INVITED    [Abstract]
1655 H74B-02 CC 716A Numerical models of catchment scale sediment transfer: progress, problems and potential
*T J Coulthard
INVITED    [Abstract]
1715 H74B-03 CC 716A Assessing Sediment Fluxes Within Evolving Rill Networks in an Experimental Landscape
*L M Gordon, S J Bennett, R R Wells
1730 H74B-04 CC 716A Numerical Modelling of Experimental Gully Development and Headcut Erosion
*M J Van De Wiel, L M Gordon
1745 H74B-05 CC 716A Sediment Yield Modeling in a Large Scale Drainage Basin
*K Ali, D H De Boer
1800 H74B-06 CC 716A The Influence of Research Designs in Understanding the Control of Morphological Patterns on Bedload Path Lengths in gravel-bed rivers
*H Lamarre, A Roy

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