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2009 Joint Assembly

International Association of Hydrogeologists - Canadian National Chapter


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 IA23A CC Hall E Hydrogeology General Contributions: IAH Canadian National Chapter Posters (joint with H)
Presiding: N Thomson, University of Waterloo; R N Betcher, Groundwater Management Section; H Brodie-Brown, Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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1400 IA23A-01 CC Hall E Characterization of a TCE-Contaminated Aquifer Using Tritium-Helium Ages and Geochemical Tracers
*S E Murphy, I D Clark
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1400 IA23A-02 CC Hall E A Single Well Tracer Test for Aquifer Characterization
*G Roos, N R Thomson
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1400 IA23A-03 CC Hall E Response of Alum Rock Springs to the October 30, 2007 Alum Rock Earthquake and Implications for the Origin of Increased Discharge after Earthquakes
*M Manga, J C Rowland
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1400 IA23A-04 CC Hall E Field Studies and Models of Hydrofracture Propagation in Layered Fractured Rocks
*S L Philipp
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1400 IA23A-05 CC Hall E Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Multiple Fluid Flows in a Rough-Walled Fracture in Sandstone
*D Crandall, G Bromhal, D H Smith
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1400 IA23A-06 CC Hall E Modeling flow through the sand pack: implications for groundwater sampling from multi-level monitoring wells in fractured bedrock aquifers.
*J Kozuskanich, K Novakowski, B Anderson
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1400 IA23A-07 CC Hall E Hydraulic Testing of Silurian and Ordovician Strata at the Bruce Site
*R L Beauheim, J D Avis, D A Chace, R M Roberts, N J Toll
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1400 IA23A-08 CC Hall E Lithostratigraphy of Nigeria An Overview
*K A Shitta, O K Odunpade, O Q Akindele
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1400 IA23A-09 CC Hall E The Hydrogeologic Properties of Potsdam Sandstone in the Chateauguay River Basin and Their Implications Regarding U.S.-Canada Transboundary Water Issues
*R H Morin, J H Williams, M Nastev
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