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2009 Joint Assembly

International Association of Hydrogeologists - Canadian National Chapter


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 IA23B CC 713A Pathogens and Groundwater Source Zones (joint with H)
Presiding: K Novakowski, Queen's University; B Sleep, University of Toronto; R Lefebvre, Laval University; J Molson, Université Laval
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1400 IA23B-01 CC 713A Influence of Extreme Hydrologic Events on the Occurrence of Microbial Species in Regional Groundwater Systems
*D Rudolph
INVITED    [Abstract]
1412 IA23B-02 CC 713A Mechanisms of Pathogen and Surrogate Transport in Porous Media: Concurrent Effects of Grain Characteristics, NOM and Ionic Strength
*M B Emelko, J Stimson, N McLellan, N Tufenkji
1424 IA23B-03 CC 713A Demonstrating Effective In Situ Filtration of Pathogens in Saturated Environments: Laboratory and Field Considerations
*M B Emelko
1436 IA23B-04 CC 713A Regional-scale pathogen transport in a fractured rock aquifer located in an agricultural watershed
*T W Praamsma, K S Novakowski
1448 IA23B-05 CC 713A Numerical modeling of multiple nitrate sources affecting the groundwater quality of private wells
*J Ballard, R Lefebvre, D Paradis, M Savard
1500 IA23B-06 CC 713A Low-Temperature Geothermal Systems and Groundwater Protection
*K Watters, G Ferguson
1512 IA23B-07 CC 713A Evaluation of areas of contribution and water quality at receptors related to TCE plumes in a valley fill aquifer system
*R Lefebvre, T Ouellon, V Blais, J Ballard, P Brunet
1524 IA23B-08 CC 713A Monitoring subsurface microbial and nutrient transport to assess treatment capability of at-grade septic system designs
*E Cey, E Motz, A Chu, C Ryan
1536 IA23B-09 CC 713A Development and field testing of an alternative latrine design utilizing basic oxygen furnace slag as a treatment media for pathogen removal
*J Stimson, A V Suhogusoff, D W Blowes, R A Hirata, C J Ptacek, W D Robertson, M B Emelko
1548 IA23B-10 CC 713A The Use of Reactive Materials in Septic Systems for Pathogens and Nitrate Removal
*A V Suhogusoff, R Hirata, R Aravena, J Stimson, W Robertson

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