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2009 Joint Assembly

International Association of Hydrogeologists - Canadian National Chapter


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 IA31A CC 713A Groundwater in Sedimentary Basins I: Contaminant Transport and Fate (joint with H)
Presiding: B L Parker, University of Guelph; J A Cherry, University of Guelph
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0800 IA31A-01 CC 713A Numerical Modelling of Reactive Mass Transport in Fractured Sedimentary Rock
*J W Molson
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 IA31A-02 CC 713A Solute Transport in Fractured Porous Media: Methods for Determination of Spatially-Resolved Porosity and Diffusion Coefficient Measurements
*T A Al, F Marica, K U Mayer, P Rasouli, B Balcom, R Subudhi, E Hussein
INVITED    [Abstract]
0830 IA31A-03 CC 713A Conceptual Models for the Fracture Network in Contaminated Shale Based on Different Lines of Evidence
B L Parker, *S Chapman, J A Cherry
0845 IA31A-04 CC 713A Characteristics of Fracture Networks and Hydrogeologic Units: Implications Provided by Detailed Hydraulic Head Profiles
*J R Meyer, B L Parker, J A Cherry
0900 IA31A-05 CC 713A Field Evidence of Trichloroethene Degradation in Fractured Sandstone
*A A Pierce, B L Parker, R Aravena, J A Cherry
0915 IA31A-06 CC 713A Evaluation of a Chlorinated Compounds Plume in a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer in Mid-West, US
*Z Miao, R Aravena, B L Parker, J A Cherry, J R Meyer, D Hunkeler
0930 IA31A-07 CC 713A Fingerprinting TCE Sources and Natural Attenuation Capacity of a Sedimentary Bedrock Aquifer using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis - A Case Study in the City of Guelph, Ontario.
*P L Lima, R Aravena, B L Parker, J A Cherry

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