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2009 Joint Assembly

International Association of Hydrogeologists - Canadian National Chapter


Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 IA32A CC 713A Groundwater in Sedimentary Basins II: Flow Dynamics (joint with H)
Presiding: A Mukherjee, Alberta Geological Survey; T Lemay, Alberta Geological Survey; B J Rostron, University of Alberta
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1030 IA32A-01 CC 713A Quantification of Flow Architecture and Recharge Processes at the Watershed Scale using Joint Hydrogeophysical Inversion Approaches
*S S Hubbard, G S Baker, J Chen, M Kowalsky, E Gasperikova, D Gaines, A Modi, D Watson, P M Jardine
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 IA32A-02 CC 713A Subglacial Recharge Into The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Impact Of Pleistocene Glaciation On Basin Hydrodynamics
*S E Grasby, G Ferguson, Z Chen
INVITED    [Abstract]
1100 IA32A-03 CC 713A On the Existence of Oscillatory-Convective Thermohaline Flow in Sedimentary Basins
*T Graf, H G Diersch, C T Simmons
1115 IA32A-04 CC 713A Near Surface Thermal Disequilibrium, Implications on Detection of Ground Water Flow in Fractured Rock with Temperature Logs
*P E Pehme, B L Parker, J A Cherry, J Molson
1130 IA32A-05 CC 713A Using Acoustic Televiewer Logs to Spatially Resolve Matrix Porosity and Bulk Density at the Centimeter Scale to Better Interpret Rock Core VOC Profiles
*J R Kennel, B L Parker, J A Cherry
1145 IA32A-06 CC 713A Quantification of Non-Darcian Flow Encountered During Packer Testing in Fractured Rock
*P M Quinn, J A Cherry, B L Parker
1200 IA32A-07 CC 713A Types of Permeability Development in Carbonate Aquifers: Examples From Ontario
*S R Worthington

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