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2009 Joint Assembly

Earth and Space Science Informatics


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 IN23A CC 718B Earth and Space Science Cyberinfrastructures: Data, Tools, Distribution, and Forecast Systems for International Collaboration

Presiding: T Yoksas, Unidata Program Center / UCAR; G K Rutledge, NOAA/NCDC/NOMADS
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1400 IN23A-01 CC 718B Unidata's Vision for Providing Comprehensive and End-to-end Data Services
*M K Ramamurthy
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 IN23A-02 CC 718B High Availability Applications for NOMADS at the NOAA Web Operations Center Aimed at Providing Reliable Real Time Access to Operational Model Data
*J C Alpert, G Rutledge, J Wang, P Freeman, C Y Kang
INVITED    [Abstract]
1440 IN23A-03 CC 718B NOAA National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) Access to the Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project
*G Rutledge, G Compo
1455 IN23A-04 CC 718B Research and operational applications in multi-center ensemble forecasting
*Y Zhu, Z Toth
INVITED    [Abstract]
1515 IN23A-05 CC 718B Advances in Drought Data and Services Distribution Through The U.S. Drought Portal
*M Brewer, J Symonds
1530 IN23A-06 CC 718B Using Unidata's THREDDS and RAMADDA Services to Support Two Disparate Projects
*T Yoksas, J Caron, J McWhirter, M Richards, M Seefeldt, K W Manning, J G Powers, D Steinhoff, M Lazzara
1545 IN23A-07 CC 718B Training on Eastern Pacific tropical cyclones for Latin American students
*L M Farfán, G B Raga

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