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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Monday Morning 1

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0800 MA11A CC Hall E Carbonate-Hosted Ore Deposits III Posters (joint with IA, B, V)
Presiding: S Gleeson, University of Alberta; E Turner, Laurentian University
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0800 MA11A-01 CC Hall E Paleomagnetic Age for the World-class Century Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, Australia
*K Kawasaki, D T Symons, T Dawborn
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0800 MA11A-02 CC Hall E Tectonic Deformation-Driven Fluid Flow Associated With the Formation of the Chanziping Uranium Deposit, Guangxi, China: theoretical results from computational modeling
*M Ju, J Yang
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0800 MA11A-03 CC Hall E Finite element modeling of hydrothermal fluid flow in Peace River Arch of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: implications for dolomitization
*Y Niu, J Yang
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0800 MA11A-04 CC Hall E Controls on Zn(-Pb) Mineralization in the Lower Cambrian Sekwi Formation, Mackenzie Mountains Zinc District, Northwest Territories
*B Fischer, E C Turner, D Kontak
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0800 MA11A-05 CC Hall E Preliminary investigation of the nature and origin of the Sierra Mojada Non-sulfide Zn deposits, Coahuila, Mexico
*H Ahn, J Kyle, H Gilg, R Kolvoord
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0800 MA11A-06 CC Hall E Chemical Variation of Inclusion Fluids in Ozark MVT Deposits Determined by LA-ICP-MS: Implications for Deposit Size and Ore Precipitation Mechanisms
*Z J Wenz, M S Appold
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