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2009 Joint Assembly

Mineralogical Association of Canada


Monday Morning 1

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0800 MA11B CC 713B Manna From Heaven: Insights Into the Origin and Evolution of the Solar System From the Mineralogical and Physical Properties of Meteorites I (joint with GA, CG, P)
Presiding: C Samson, Carleton University; K Tait, University of Toronto
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0800 MA11B-01 CC 713B The Whitecourt Meteorite Impact Crater: Observations and Interpretations at a Late Holocene Impact Structure
*R S Kofman, C D Herd, D G Froese, E L Walton
0830 MA11B-02 CC 713B The Importance of Porosity in the Characterization of Planetary Materials
*M M Strait
0845 MA11B-03 CC 713B Measurement of Meteorite Density, Porosity and Magnetic Susceptibility: Fast, Non-destructive, Non-contaminating and Very Informative
*R J Macke SJ, D T Britt, G J Consolmagno
0900 MA11B-04 CC 713B Small Meteorite Fragment Bulk Density via Visible Light 3-D Laser Imaging
*P J McCausland, C Samson, A DesLauriers
0915 MA11B-05 CC 713B The unusual Lovina Ataxite: Examination of Meteoritic Microstructures and Terrestrial Weathering by μXRD, Petrography, SEM, INAA and sXRF.
*R L Flemming, P J McCausland, S A Kissin, P L Corcoran, M C Biesinger, N S McIntyre, M L Fuller, R Feng
0930 MA11B-06 CC 713B Mineralogical and spectroscopic investigation of enstatite chondrites by X-ray diffraction and infrared reflectance spectroscopy
*M R Izawa, P L King, R L Flemming, R C Peterson, P J McCausland
0945 MA11B-07 CC 713B Towards a Novel Classification of Chondrules: Examples From the L4 Ordinary Chondrite Saratov
*R K Herd, L Dixon, C Samson, P A Hunt

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